Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative or just plain crazy?

Despite popular belief, the life of an aspiring designer is not always fun and glamorous. Picture me wrestling with a cardboard box at midnight. Need I say more?

Launching your own line, and trying to get any exposure in the design world often means working late into the night with little to no gratification. No one sees all of the failed attempts, the starting over, the mini-tantrums. This week has been filled with the overwhelming feeling that I'm completely cracked. It seems like everyone makes jewelry, and my thoughts are riddled with questions and doubts. What makes me different from the rest? I want it. And that's all it takes. I'm going to keep writing, creating, casting lines until something happens. That complete's the rant sesh. The needed some realism.

Now for the result of this madness: A Fresh Tangerine makeover! New pieces, new look, same brand.

It's going to be better than ever for the holidays!

Happy Thursday!

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