Monday, September 13, 2010

apartment projects

After watching the latest season of Design Star, I felt super inspired to give my apartment an update. I've been living with stark walls for way too long! After many trips to Ikea, my apartment has an entirely new look! 

Project 1: "Bedroom" wall art.

I got this idea from a photo I saw online. It's super easy and inexpensive! I found the clips at an art store, and then found photos I had lying around the apartment. Et voila, an art wall!

Project 2: Living room canvases.

Awhile back, I found some canvases on sale at Craft Warehouse. Using acrylic paint and tape, I managed to make this lovely series!

Step 1: Paint the canvases white. Let dry.
Step 2: Tape off the lines in any pattern! I chose to score the tape to make wavy lines. 
Step 3: Paint over the canvases with white paint. Let dry.
Step 4: Paint over the canvases with goldenrod color and let dry. 
Step 5: Remove tape and hang!

Project 3: Throw pillows.

My loveseat is a bland cream color and a little stiff. Needless to say, it was in desperate need of cushion and color. I found the actual pillows at Ikea. They are down, wonderful! Two yards of fabric, a sewing machine and an hour later, I'm the proud new owner of these:

Project 4: Frame extravaganza!

I went on a frame shopping spree at Ikea, and now I can finally display photos and art from my travels! I love frames, because they are a quick and inexpensive way to make any room look put together. 

I hope these ideas inspire you to make your space amazingly artful! Now to get some crafting done...

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Kim! What did you use to attach the clips to the wall? My bedroom walls are in serious need of adornment, I may just have to steal your ideas...

  2. I went to the art store and got large bulldog clips! I think you might be able to find them at an office supply store.