Friday, October 15, 2010

Fresh Favorites: Parisian Museums

There are over a hundred museums in Paris. Here are my faves!

Centre Pompidou

I came here almost daily. It has an amazing bookstore, libary, permanent collection. I'm grabbing my tent and moving in!

The Picasso Museum

Located in the trendy Marais, this museum features the career of Pablo Picasso.

The Louvre

How could the Louvre not be one of my favorites? From the sculpture garden to the French paintings, there's always something new to discover. I came here at least once a week when I lived in Paris.

Musee Marmottan

This museum contains the works of Claude Monet. It's great because you can see the progression of his career, and where it all began. It's located in the elegant 16th arrondissement of Paris.


This museum has a delightful oval room with Monet's Les Nypmheas (Water Lilies) series.

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