Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Social Network

I admit, I've been a Facebook user for quite awhile. Remember back when the "wall" was a giant textbox and you could only join if you were in college? It's come a long way since then.... The Social Network documents the story of Facebook, from idea to reality.

I thought this movie shed some light on a growing industry where only your intelligence and innovation matters. Entrepreneurship is what defines America and no one loves an "I started this company in my basement" story more than us. The movie has a sort of abrupt ending, but overall I found it to be enjoyable. It definitely left me thinking. There was a part about blogging that was a little freaky... note to self: only write things I don't mind having thrown back in my face. To sum everything up, go see The Social Network. It will leave you pondering social media, and just may inspire you to think up the next big thing. 

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