Thursday, October 28, 2010

My trip to the eye doctor

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to the eye doctor. Usually this isn't a huge deal, and usually results in pretty new glasses, so I wasn't too concerned. I decided to try Uptown Eye Care on Burnside because they got amazing review on Yelp. The ladies at the front desk were super sweet and got me situated, answering all of my questions perfectly. It was the usual eye exam stuff... blah blah, you need new contacts, these ones don't breath. Please read this line. A random Christmas tree test and a Glaucoma test later, I thought I was in the clear. Not the case. Because I have such a strong prescription, the doctor wanted to dilate my pupils to get a closer look. SAY WHAT? In the 15+ years I've been wearing glasses, I have never had my pupils dilated.

The only thing the office could say to reassure me was "it's an interesting experience," which in Kim terms means "get ready for another one of those stories." Everything was already fuzzy because they had thrown away my contacts, so why not just make everything up close fuzzy, too. Vision is overrated anyway, right? A few burning drops later, and I was left in the reception area to dilate. The ladies at the front desk were nice and tried to humor me, knowing I probably couldn't see anything. We talked about Halloween costumes and how painting yourself is always a better idea in theory. Once my pupils were Lady Gaga in "Bad Romance" big, the doctor ran some more tests, told me I could look forward to his experience at all of my future exams (lucky me), and I was finally free! I got some really special roll on sunglasses, and I immediately stuffed them in my purse reasoning that permanent eye damage would be better than wearing those in public.

I hadn't planned on having crazy eyes for my day, and I still had tons of errands to run. So, against my better judgment, I set off to complete my to-do list. (I did make time to take a photo of my weird eyes and send it to friends and family. Ha!) The up-close fuzzy vision didn't really affect me, it was more trying to shield my giant pupils from the public. Between them and my strange pupil-shielding behavior, I probably looked like a weirdo. But that didn't matter! I had things to do! After about 5 or so hours and all of my errands later, my pupils finally became normal. I don't think I've ever looked at my pupils so much in my life...or said the word "pupil" for that matter. Anyway. I get to repeat this experience every 6 months to a year. Lucky me! And that, my friends, was my trip to the eye doctor.

By the glasses are on their way. Pictures soon!

Happy Thursday!

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