Friday, October 29, 2010

Fresh Favorites: Portland!

It seems as though I spend a lot of time talking about where I'd like to live or travel, but what about where I am now? This week's faves is devoted to the lovely city where I currently reside, Portland, OR!!

Alberta St.
Bolt Fabric Boutique on NE Alberta St.

I love coming to this neighborhood because it's oozing with creativity and inspiration. It's home to my favorite fabric store, Bolt and a myriad of other crafty spots. You never know what you might find here!

Coffee shops
Barista on Alberta

It's no secret that Portland is home to some of the best coffee and delightful spots to sit and peruse your favorite magazine. Some of my favorites include: Barista (Alberta St. locale), Spella (coffee cart in SW), Coffee House Northwest, Dragonfly Cafe, the list could go on and on...

NW 23rd St.
Portland is its best and most beautiful during fall. Trees, crisp air, coffee and relaxing walks. What more could one ask for?

The resto scene. Portland is home to some of the best eats in the country! There's definitely not a shortage of places to find delicious food at every price point.


This is hands down my favorite place here. No one does brunch like Bewsaws...or Portland, really. Breakfast burger anyone?

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