Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways to go green while saving some green

I was inspired by my Green Team meeting at work last night to write a post. Creating an aesthetically pleasing life or lifestyle doesn't always mean buying something straight off the showroom floor. Being thrifty can be the best part of the challenge! I'm in luck, because Portland just happens to be Thrift store central.

  The ReBuilding Center is one of my favorite spots. They have everything here (including the kitchen sink!) If I was working on a home renovation project, I would probably live here...but alas. Not really much you can do with a studio apartment.

William Temple House and Rerun are some great places to find fabulously-vintage furniture.

If you have a budget of say, zero dollars, dumpster diving might just be for you! Last weekend I happened to stumble upon this delightful hanging light. After a few Clorox wipes and some hard work, it looks brand new!

If you're not into actually sifting through a dumpster, just keep an eye out when you're walking or driving around town. You never know what you might stumble upon.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I'll cheers to that! I totally scored a French Provencial dresser and end table set at Rerun this summer for $70, and all it took was a little touch up paint job to make it look fabulously vintage and oh-so-effortlessly chic. In the meanwhile, you're supporting a local charity or small business owner. Double win!