Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little France nostalgia

Yesterday after work, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from a couple of old friends. We reminisced about our lives in France, and talked about what we've been up to lately. My life then was off balance, but in the opposite way. We were constantly filling time with endless conversations and dinners. The big events of the day included going to the market and the library. Fast forward to now, where I don't even have time to see friends, nevermind leisure reading. Crazy!  It was great to catch up with them. One of the downsides to traveling and moving around is that all of my friends are scattered across the world, and I rarely get to talk to them.

 So here's a quick shout out to 11 Rue Wediere in Valenciennes (and Susie, the mastermind behind the artwork!) If you're curious to see what my life was like in Valenciennes, feel free to check out that blog!

Back to work....4 days until market #1!!

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. was it chip and amanda? lovely. i miss that wall! glad to see you're staying busy and keeping shit real.