Tuesday, October 4, 2011

she's backkkkkk

I'm back, and more sparkly than ever! No, really. My wardrobe is filled with sparkly pieces. Since it's been a little while, I'll just do a little recap of thing that have changed in my life. My last post was back at the beginning of June, so I guess I'll just start there. 

June 2011....  

I worked at my day job 4 days a week for 10 hours a day. Instead of immediately passing out upon entering my apartment, I would instead craft until I was literally falling asleep mid project. Many markets/events, a trip home, and a CRAVE book later, I realized that something had to give. My day job was starting to think I had gone a little crazy. (I was actually making jewelry at my desk while talking on the phone.) I was tired, cranky, and my friends thought I had joined a cult. Oh, yeah. Fresh Tangerine was also doing extremely well. (Thus the crafting at my desk.) 

So....dun dun dun I decided to put in my notice. That's right. I QUIT MY DAY JOB! It happened. 

I also got a cat.

Meet Goldie Hawn!


I get to spend every day at home working and hanging out with Goldie. My line is sold in multiple boutiques, and I have 7+ events lined up for holiday. I got a yoga membership to keep myself from spiraling into a stress vortex. It's exciting/scary/fun/challenging all at the same time, and nothing ever turns out like I think it's going to. 

I also updated my website with a schmancy online shop! 

Alright, off to work on holiday surprises. stay tuned! 

Happy Tuesday!

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