Wednesday, February 1, 2012

lunch in paris: a love story with recipes

At the beginning of January, I told myself that I would read something just for fun. So off I went to Powell's bookstore on a mission to find some new reading material. I was poking around the travel writing section when I came across an employee suggestion for Lunch in Paris. I had come across this book a few times before and was always a bit skeptical. A modern day Parisian love story with recipes? It doesn't get much more cliché than that. But since I have a weakness for all things having to do with my favorite city, and a Powell's employee recommended it (they have book cred, right?), I decided to give it a try. 

I started reading as soon as I got home, and the next thing I know, it's hours later and I can't put this book down. I literally finished this book in a day. The author, Elizabeth Bard, showed the real Paris and not just its romantic magical facade. My favorite parts were the ones where she talked about the reality of living abroad (and France in particular). She touches upon the loneliness that comes from living in a foreign country, the frustrations, the mini-triumphs when you master something that is seemingly simple, or when you finally start to feel at home. Having spent quite a bit of time in France myself, I really connected with Bard's story and found her to be delightfully entertaining.

I'm glad I gave this book a chance and would recommend this to any francophile, kitchen enthusiast, or travel junkie! 

xx K

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